Why choose us

Why Choose Small World Nursery

Welcome to Small World Nursery. We will pride ourselves on providing the very best to ensure that your child feels loved and valued as an individual and has the best possible experience of care and education outside the home.

The nursery was started in August 1996 by King’s church who owns the Schofield Family Centre. It is part of an on-going vision to partner with the Local Authority to meet needs in the Charnwood Community. Our aim is to support families in the important task of raising their children. We are committed to providing a family atmosphere with consistent professional standards.

We want to build on the good practices of care given at home to provide stability and continuity for children. We understand that each family is unique and so will encourage you to share with us your child’s needs and interests, how they learn and the things that are important to you for their continued education and care in the nursery environment. We will do our best to let you know all the key information and any special moments and experiences in your child’s day.