Rockets Room (Toddlers)

Rockets Room

The toddler room caters for 16 children from 2 to 3 years old. The large room has a carpeted area for soft play and a lino floored area where the children can relax, explore, use their imagination and also be messy and creative.  The toddler room is welcoming and extremely well equipped with open ended resources that support children's imaginative skills. Children have the opportunity to play and explore real fruit and vegetables and the practitioners are on hand to encourage their communication skills. The toddler room’s emphasis is offering as many opportunities as possible to inspire curiosity and this is often done by offering the children the opportunity to explore as many different things as possible by bringing the outside in and playing with flowers and twigs. In this room children are encouraged to become more independent and thrive on interaction with their peers alongside a supporting key worker.

When your child is ready we will work with you to encourage potty training. Until that time we ask that you provide nappies, wet wipes and a change of clothes for your child. Outdoor Clothing and Wellington boots are a good idea for wet weather as we let the children play outdoors all year long Outings for toddlers normally consist of small groups of children and staff exploring and learning about the local area or getting some physical play at the park or soft play.